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One purpose of this home page is to provide you convenient access to several documents that are essential to the course.  Clicking on the blue links will either take you to another www page or load a document in your browser window.  Documents will usually be plain text, PDF, or html.  You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read the PDF documents.  On rare occasions documents will be in Microsoft WORD format.

A second purpose of this page is to provide a starting point for useful World Wide Web resources for the course.  One major use of the WWW is as a source of data for our research projects.  I have provided some links to get you started.  In addition, I have provided some additional links to resources that are useful for the course.  If you find a link is broken, please send me an email so it can be restored.

Course Documents 

The only document that will be handed out in class is the syllabus.  The syllabus has all the nuts and bolts of the course and all course policies.  You should have copies of all the other files listed below.  Either print them from Netscape or download them and then either view or print them later.

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Data Files   (Restricted to PLS 209)

Several data sets are saved as SPSS files.  Some SPSS files are used in homework assignments and all may be used as the data source for your research project.  

Access to the SPSS data download page is restricted to students in PLS 209.  The instructor will provide you with a username and password to use.  You will be prompted to enter both the username and password when you click on the download link below.

Note: The SPSS download page has directions and a table listing the (1) descriptive data set name, (2) the SPSS file name, and (3) the codebook for the data set.  To download either a SPSS file or a codebook simply double click on the appropriate filename.  Remember that while you can view the codebooks while using most computers, you cannot do anything with an SPSS file unless you are using a computer on which SPSS is installed.  

SPSS Download Page

Some large files may not be on the server.  Contact Dr. Aspin if you get a message that a file cannot be found.

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Homework Assignments 

     The 12 homework problems will be posted (the word Homework will turn blue) as they are assigned during the semester.

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Lecture Notes   (Restricted to Bradley University)

     A reminder about the lecture note files.  These are downloads of just the text portion of the Power Point presentations.  They contain no graphic images and may be missing key elements that you should add in class.  These are not a substitute for attending class.  They are intended to decrease the amount of time you spend taking notes, thus increasing the amount of time you are thinking and asking questions.  Each lecture file will be posted the week before the topic.  The title will turn from back to dark blue when the lecture file has been posted.  Enter the username and password given to you by the instructor. These are different than your BU  username and passwords.

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Data Sources 

     The following are some of the may WWW pages that contain useful information for research projects.  The following are grouped into those pages that contain data and those that are indexes of data pages.  In addition to the index pages, also use the general WWW search engines (e.g., Altavista) to locate data on the WWW.

Index Sites

Data Sites

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Other Online Resources 

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