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Michael Lang -- Department of Mathematics -- Bradley University -- Bradley Hall 444 -- (309)677-3264
My email address is , which you can find at Bradley's email search page.

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I'm on sabbatical.


"People who are really good at math tend to be really good at everything." -- Roger Huberty of Racine-Case, in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, October 2003.
"Sounds to me like a reason to try to be really good at math." -- Michael Lang of Bradley, to himself, November 2003.

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"Michael Lang gives the impression of a man who could be slightly off his nut." -- Newsweek, 8 August 1994.

Algebraic Combinatorics
Distance-Regular Graphs

MathSciNet (or, for Bradley users away from campus, via proxy)
The arXiv e-print server


"God is a child; and when he began to play, he cultivated mathematics. It is the most godly of man's games." -- Vinzenz Erath, Das blinde Spiel.