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Young Park



Graduate Advisor

Department of Computer Science & Information Systems



Dr. Park is a Professor and a Graduate Advisor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. His main teaching philosophy focuses on student-oriented, personalized learning. His current research goal is to build software that provides personalized service to people. His current research interests include recommender systems and search engines. He believes in connecting research to reality and co-founded PSTogether, a startup specializing in personalized performance prediction & recommendation systems based on collaboration.

Contact Info:

Office: Bradley Hall Room 175
E-mail: youngATbradley.edu
Telephone: (309) 677-2457
Fax: (309) 677-4507
Mail: Department of Computer Science & Information Systems | Bradley University |1501 W. Bradley Avenue |Peoria, IL 61625 | U.S.A.

Educational Background:

Ph.D. & M.Sc., Computer Science, New York University/Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (NYU/CIMS), U.S.A.
M.Sc., Computer Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea
B.Sc., Electronic Engineering, Seoul National University (SNU), Korea

Teaching: Go to BU Sakai

CS210 Data Structures and Algorithms
CIS210 Applications of Data Structures and Algorithms
CS502 Advanced Programming
CS514 Algorithms
CS390 Introduction to Software Engineering

CS590 Fundamentals of Software Engineering
CS592 Requirements Engineering
CS690 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
CS516 Programming Languages
CS518 Programming Language Translation


Collaborative Tools for Personalized Student Success: PSelect, pMajor, pGPA, pCourseCLUE, pRetention,  pAfterCollege

MOOC Personalization and Learning Analytics

Recommender Systems - Temporal Recommenders & Multi-Criteria Recommenders, Health Recommender Systems & Software Engineering Recommender Systems
Recommender Systems - Recommender Systems for Learning, Teaching & Advising:
Search Engines, Special & Personalized Web search - Dynamic Active Keyword Suggestion and Personalized Keyword Peek:
Searchalive  & PKeywordPEEK
Formal Concept Analysis & Applications
Software Engineering & Requirements Engineering
Static Program Analysis, Abstract Interpretation, Programming Languages & Implementation: EscapeAnalysis  (The term “escape analysis” was first coined!)





PersonalizedService through Software Together!    PSTogether